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100% Wool / Norwegian Cool

With & Wessel is a luxurious basics collection made entirely out of wool. It was created by husband and wife team Stian Tolnaes and Cathrine Wessel, out of their desire to combine fashion with function and sustainability. Growing up in Norway they had first hand experience with the amazing characteristics of wool; it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is by nature; one of the world’s most eco-friendly fibers; natural, renewable, and biodegradable.

When they realized that wool could be treated so that it would feel soft and comfortable next to the skin, they were inspired to design an entire collection that would change the way people think about wool.

Wessel & Tolnaes have redefined the use of wool with innovative fabrics specially developed for With & Wessel. Each piece of the collection feels like a second skin – soft and intimate as it embraces the body.

The collection is inspired by the old Norwegian traditions of wearing wool in layers. Favorites like our razor back layered with our long sleeve and short sleeve T’s to cool pants and skirts.  The styles blends seamlessly with any wardrobe and inspires an effortlessly cool style, it is the ultimate fashion choice for an eco-conscious lifestyle.

With & Wessel is a perfect “travel partner” for all seasons.

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