With & Wessel was started from the founders’ recognition that the use of wool in it’s modern form was underutilized in today’s fashion market. The brand was launched in the fall of 2011.

The company established a line of fashion forward basics in 100% wool which aims to take the Norwegian tradition of dressing in layers into a modern and smart layering concept. The versatile styles in W&W’s chic neutral palette can be worn alone, next to the skin, layered together, and seamlessly incorporate into your wardrobe for many purposes.

With & Wessel as a brand was established in Norway with Cathrine Wessel’s grandparent’s family where Bror With and Andreas Wessel formed an entrepreneurial company. They were later to be know as the inventor of 2 of Norway´s biggest brands of all times; The Rottefella cross country ski binding and The With boats. It is in the spirit of this entrepreneurship that the founders of W&W hope to build a world recognized fashion brand.

With & Wessel has it’s own brand store in the Nolita neighborhood of NYC. The brand is as of today sold in 15 other stores in the US, and 17 stores in Norway.

My grandparents mountain farm – a place where we grew up listening to my grandmothers tales of alves and trolls.
My grandfather, Andreas Bredal Wessel,the founder of With & Wessel in 1928
Bror With, my grandfathers brother in law, the creator of the Cross country ski binding Rottefella, and the With boats – especially With Jollen and Dromedillen
My grandmother, Nanna With as a young girl
12 years old on the family island where we spent our summers and still do.
Skiing with my family at easter time in the Norwegian mountians – wearing layers of wool.
Stian in school 1982-20 years old in his Traditional Norwegian wool sweater.
all five of us hanging out on in front of our summer house – all wearing our Island sweaters – knitted for us by our grandmother.
Stian in school 1982-20 years old in his Traditional Norwegian wool sweater
Stian windsurfing in Corpus Cristi.
My sisters and brothers cross country skiing in the mountains -we are wearing a traditional Norwegian sweater- made in 100% wool – I am the one to the left.
Hanging out in the mountains with my older brother- We spent 2 weeks there every summer – wearing our traditional wool sweaters was a given.
Stian at Boy Scout camp during the summer holiday.
Stian Skiing at Skeikampen in Norway.
Stian Waterski in Greece.
Stian Skiing in tignes.